Government must learn to live within its means because taxes are high enough on Virginia families. During his time in the Senate, Steve Newman has continually supported reducing taxes. In 2008, Steve voted down a massive transportation tax hike that would have levied more gas taxes, retail taxes, and car sales taxes. Unlike Washington, in Richmond we balance our budget and we do it through tough decisions and cutting spending.

In the Virginia General Assembly, Steve Newman has proven to be a leader who will work to create jobs. He believes that in order to grow jobs, we must first create a business friendly environment. In the Senate, Steve got a sales tax exemption for Nuclear Power Plants. He also fought for the Rt. 29 bypass around Charlottesville in order to bring business to Lynchburg.


Senator Newman sponsored the Virtual Schools Program (SB 738), providing online education opportunities to children around the state. Also, increasing transparency and effectiveness within our public school system, Steve authored a bill that requires school divisions to publish their annual budget. Steve is now the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Education and Health.


As a longtime member and former Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, Senator Newman has worked tirelessly to improve Virginia’s transportation system to allow for a better infrastructure for economic development and improving our road system to allow for safer and more efficient transit.


Steve championed a resolution in 2009 that made the commonwealth aware of its growing human trafficking problem. This resulted in Governor McDonnell signing legislation that increases the penalties for human trafficking. To protect our children, Steve introduced legislation that prohibits sex offenders from entering school grounds during school activities.


As a lifelong resident of Lynchburg, a husband, and a father of two boys, Steve Newman has been a stalwart of family issues in the Senate, receiving a 100% rating from the VA Family Foundation the past three years. He sponsored a constitutional amendment that defines marriage as between one man and one woman and authored legislation that bans partial-birth abortions in Virginia. He has also voted to limit state funding of abortions.

Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem.
— Ronald Reagan